About us

Danish Supplies is a supply business that delivers premium quality products for the tattoo industry. Specially targeted towards the tattoo artist who has a burning desire to take their business to the next level.

Danish Supplies has decided not to offer you the opportunity to buy via a web shop solution, because we emphasize on having a personal relationship with our customers, so we know who you are. The reason for this being that Danish Supplies don’t just want to sell you high quality products at a fair price. We also want to help you with one of the most important aspects of the industry. To help give your customers the best overall experience from A-Z in their tattoo process. We know just how much it means to your customers when they feel taking good care of!

That’s means that you will always have a permanent contact person that will be associated with your shop witch you can always contact and have all the correspondence with.

When you choose Danish Supplies as your new professional supplier, we will also help with implementing the product line in your shop. This way your customers will get an even better overall experience then they had before. This will also help your customer see a more golden thread from the minute they walk into your shop, all the way until they have their healed tattoo 4-6 weeks later.

The collaboration with Danish Supplies combined with the YAYO product line will ensure an increased bottom line of your company.
Furthermore your costumers will have an experience of you as an artist really putting them and their needs as your first priority. Your costumers won’t need to go to a pharmacy to pick up bad aftercare products filled with perfume and other additives any longer. Now they will get all they need from you, before they leave your shop! The whole experience of them being “taking care of” from A-Z will ensure that your costumers have a great experience, which will lead them to do more mouth 2 mouth advertising for your shop. Thereby generating even more new customers to your shop, making you even more revenue.

One of the areas were Danish Supplies also really differentiates itself is, when it comes to the whole time consuming part of keeping tabs on the stock inventory and the actual ordering of new products. We are aware of the fact that it actually takes away a lot of time that could have been used actually making nice looking art for your costumers. Therefore we have decided to help you with the job of keeping an eye on your average use of our products, so that we are able to forecast when you might be running low, and need new supplies. When the time is due, we will personally contact whoever is in charge of inventory in the shop, and get you sorted out with the order that will last you for the next month or two.

Danish Supplies has a burning desire to really help the artist around the world who truly is passionate about their craft! Therefore we have introduced the concept of “Artist of the month” were we will be featuring one of the artist whom we have a collaboration with. They will be featured on out Instagram account.

And not to forget “The art piece of the week” where we also will shine some extra light on some of the collaborators art pieces, and highlight the ones we feel are of extra high quality on our Instagram. This way we help our collaborator get more reach on their art around the world.

“We look forward to helping you on your journey of growth!”